Pros and Cons of Health Insurance for Dogs

Health insurance is a good idea if your dog is of a breed known to have a genetic disorder. Boxers, Grey hounds, and German shepherds are all known to suffer from the genetic disorder hip displacia. Many types of collies suffer from loss of eye sight at older ages, and some small body breeds develop arthritis and joint pains. The cons of dog health insurance are the same as with a regular policy for a person. You have to buy the insurance before any of these symptoms appear. This means that you will have to pay into your premium prior to actually needing it.

Another pro of the option is that annual check ups and shots will cost less. If you keep up to date with your dog’s vaccinations and rabies shots then you can save a substantial amount over the years. The plan will also cover the annual veterinarian check ups. If you do not keep up with annual check ups or shots, then the monthly cost of a three to ten dollars is probably not in your best interest.

Best of all however is the fact that health insurance for dogs cover some pretty amazing and odd events. Chocolate poisoning and accidental poisoning are included in the most basic of plans. Also included is a foreign ingestion policy which will cover surgery for your dog if he devours a plastic children’s toy. Accidental death coverage is included in the basics. The insurance plans are split into price categories, and the basic policy will not cover specialized treatments. Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart worm issues, and allergy treatments are typically only covered by the higher price plans. This creates the need to assess your needs as well as your pets.

The main seller of dog health insurance is the consideration of what you, the owner, would do in case of a catastrophe or serious emergency. If you would ask the veterinarians to do everything within their power to save your beloved pet, then you need a pet health insurance plan. Certain diagnostics and operations can cost thousands of dollars, followed by a long list of prescription medication. If you are the type of pet owner that would choose to put your pet to sleep instead, then an insurance policy is most likely not for you.

Health insurance for dogs can save you hundreds if not thousands over the years if you anticipate complicated issues arising from a certain breed. If you plan on keeping them in good health over the years then it is a great option to help combat the price of annual shots, checkups, and accidents. In order to maximize the benefits from it however you will need to opt for a higher monthly premium.