What Is A Diagnostic Set Used For?

Diagnostic sets are a key piece of medical equipment, containing a set of medical instruments used to look into eyes, ears, nose and throat.

To assess the condition of the eyes, an ophthalmoscope is used. The ophthalmoscope allows you to view the back of the eye (the fundus), where nerves and blood vessels converge. It is the only place these structures can be seen without surgery. A good view of the fundus allows you to assess the health of the patient’s eye, but also tells you a lot about their overall health. For example, an ophthalmoscope can detect early signs of diabetes, hypertension, and some neurological problems. For ears, an otoscope is used. The otoscope is used to see the ear’s tympanic membrane and external canal to diagnose outer- and middle-ear pathologies. Speculums are used to gain a clear view of a patient’s throat and up the nose.

The set usually contains a single instrument with configurable parts which can be used to look at all four areas. The base of the instrument has a strong light and magnifying glass attached to enable a clear view of each area. As one instrument with different attachments is used, the sets can be small and portable. Some sets contain two instruments with the ophthalmoscope for the eyes being separate.

Diagnostic sets are frequently used in routine examinations. For example, if a patient is complaining of a sore throat, a speculum would be used in combination with the light and magnifying glass on the instrument to get a clear view of the throat, enabling the practitioner to diagnose the issue. Similarly, with eye problems, the ophthalmoscope would be used, or with ear pain the otoscope, with the aim of diagnosing the issue causing problems.

Depending on the working environment, some doctors maintain their own diagnostic sets, while others will use diagnostic sets which are used to stock exam rooms and clinics. As such, they come in various forms. They can be desk mounted, wall mounted, pocket sized and mobile. There are several brand leaders in this area, including Gowllands, Heine, KaWe, Keeler, Reister Diagnostic Sets and Welch Allyn.

Diagnostic sets can be purchased from sites specialising in medical equipment. They tend to stock a wide range or sets from various manufacturers, enabling you to make a choice to suit your specific requirements, be it a personal pocket sized diagnostic set, or a wall mounted set for clinic use.